Mon Prénom






J’ai fait un prénom utilisant un nom faux, c’est ce que je pense me décrit. Êtes-vous d’accord ?

Je suis attentionée

Je suis attentionnée



Dans la rue dialogue

In French we have been working on directions, it is challenging at times but it is important to learn directions because anywhere you go you need to ask for help to get to places.

This is a dialogue I made with PetitePoisson, the original conversation was from Francais Facile 

S : Pardon madame, ou est Westfield Marion?

Z : Westfield Marion? Et bien, vous êtes très loin..

S : C’est compliqué d’y aller à pied?

Z : Oui et non, Tournez a droite et aller a droit, c’est la deuxième rue à gauche, tournez a droite la rue de Diagonal, continuez la rue Morphet, tournez à gauche la rue de Diagonal pour cinq cents mètre. La Westfield Marion est sur la droite.

S : Vous savez comment y aller en bus ?

Z : Oui, c’est la ligne deux cent soixante-trois. Vous descendrez à l’arrêt Westfield Marion.

S : Merci beaucoup.

Z : Je vous en prie, bonne journée.

S : Bonne journée, au revoir.

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Dialogue : Demander son chemin

In French today, we were shown a dialogue about asking directions, when we started to listen to it, I was amazed at how fast the speakers spoke, it seemed like they were speaking a million miles an hour. After listening to the dialogue twice we had an activity to do which was building sentences with the words provided, the sentences we were building were the ones that we had heard previously. These are my results, some of them were very hard!


Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.06.35 am



Today in French class we had an indoor picnic, it was lovely everyone in our class contributed by bringing something whether it was juice, fromage, cornichon au vinaigre, pate, baguette, croissant. The teacher recommend we all at least try some pate, but the look of it just put me off that I didn’t end up trying it. There was so much food that there was so much left over, we were all stuffed and felt if we had another bite of something we would explode. Overall I enjoyed the picnic it was a lovely lesson we got to eat and work at the same time!


IMG_7505 IMG_7506